Tomma Bloom is a Surface Design Studio based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Our work focuses on surface design for interior to reimagine form and color through substance. 


Textile Design is the basis of our creative practice and a guideline to our work. We believe that its methods can be used both as a visual language and as an object in creating tactile and playful spaces. Through ever-evolving material research, we work to redefine the tools of our trade - pattern, and structure, along with form and color – into tangible, three-dimensional experiences, inspired and driven by an exploration of material culture and the interactions between objects and folklore.

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Surface Design

“Textile is a universal language. In all the cultures of the world, textile is a crucial and essential component. Therefore, if you’re beginning with thread, you are halfway home. There’s a level of familiarity that immediately breaks down any prejudice.”

Sheila Hicks


“Being creative in not so much the desire to do something as the listening to that which wants to be done: the dictation of the material.”

Anni Albers

Exploring textile design as both text and object allows us to redefine structure, shape, color and texture into material study and surface design. You can unfolded a whole world through textile, as it is a language, a sign system, a composite history and a set of emotions. Tomma believes that observing and listening to her practice is a beacon and his is what leads the way of her creative journey. 

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textile as text and an object

who is tomma?

The guideline to Tom’s creative practice lies in one simple drawing - A Boa Constrictor digesting an Elephant by The Little Prince. “I showed the grown-ups my masterpiece and asked them if my drawing scares them.

They answered – ‘why be scared of a hat?”. The Little Prince frowned and said, “They always need explanations”. Tom believes that this abstract drawing was The Little Prince’s way of implying how “the grown-ups” see the world, not understanding that usually there’s more than meets the eye. A Boa Constrictor digesting an Elephant in a shape of a hat is not something they would ever imagine, but life is full of surprises. If you ask Tom, this drawing depicts exactly how she observes and explores her world - seeing it with fresh pair of eyes, knowing that there’s ALWAYS more than meets the eye. Or as Picasso said it, "It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child".


Tom graduated from Shenkar College of Design with a bachelor’s degree in Textile Design (Cum Laude) and from Tel-Aviv University with a Master of Art in Interdisciplinary Arts. 

Tom Lerental (she/her/hers) is a textile designer in passion and practice and the founder of Tomma Bloom Studio. Tom experiences her world as shapes and color and is driven by it in her creative work. Her passion lies in her ability to create new forms of storytelling using the four fundamental tools of her trade - pattern, structure, shape, and color to create joyous moments and experiences. 

Surface design is our way to reimagine form and color through substance.