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Tomma Bloom is a multidisciplinary design studio providing surface design solutions for interior.


Textile design is the foundation of our creative practice. We create tactile, joyous, and playful objects that illustrate textile design as a visual language.


Through ever-evolving material research, we work to redefine the tools of our trade - pattern, structure, form, and color – into tangible experience. Our innovative work translates pattern design into three-dimensional wall covers andarchitectural elements, as well as upholstery fabrics, wallpapers, and tiles for both residential and commercial interior.

We are based out of Brooklyn, NY.


Tom Lerental (she/her) is a textile designer in passion and practice and the founder of Tomma Bloom. Using the four fundamental tools of her trade - pattern, structure, shape, and color, she creates and realizes joyful experiences in space. 

​While applied to various mediums, her work demonstrates how textile design can be used as a textbook for object design, communicating the energy of form and color in a non-traditional matter.

Tom's approach to design thinking is deeply influenced by early 20th-century art. She believes this era to be the most meaningful to the development of our material culture and is the one which taught us to move forward by asking questions and doubting common conceptions, culture, perception, and medium. Or as Picasso said it: "It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child."​​

Tom graduated from Shenkar College of Design with a Bachelor's in Textile Design (Cum Laude) and from Tel-Aviv University with a Master of Art in Interdisciplinary Arts. 


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