Tomma Bloom is a design studio based out of New York City. It was founded on Tomma's passion for storytelling and her love of colors and textures. Tomma Bloom studio is dedicated to exploring new ways of storytelling through design, combining history and folklore, a spice of tale, and methods of textile design into its own contemporary aesthetic. 


Tomma Bloom studio was founded by Tom Lerental. Tom (also known as Tomma) is a textile designer and an artist, working through visual and material explorations in order to translate stories into visual substance. She is inspired by her love for tales, colors, and textures in her creative work. Driven by her curiosity and constant search for adventures, Tom believes that design has the ability to take one to explore and make its dreams come true.

We create bespoke designs for textiles, artworks, and one-of-a-kind objects. In addition, we offer varied custom design services:

Concept Development

Seasonal mood boards, color palettes, print concept and storyboard just for you and your brand.

Original Artwork Design

Custom Fabric Design

We specialize in weaving and print, unique development using various techniques such as weaving, screen printing, embroidery, and pattern design, as well as our own unique methods for fabric development and embellishments design.


CAD services

Colorways, repeats and production development.

We are always curious about your ideas and available for collaborations
Don’t hesitate to contact us at

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