Tomma Bloom is a multidisciplinary design studio based out of Boston, MA. Our work focuses on surface design, tufted art and object design as ways to reimagine folklore, legends and myths into contemporary design. The studio’s creative practice is based upon visual and material research and the way it translates into surface through colors, textures and shapes, using textile design methods both as a visual language and as an object.

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Tomma Bloom studio was founded by Tom Lerental, a textile designer in passion and practice. Tom experiences the world as a set of shapes and colors and is driven by it in her creative research. As a designer, her mission is to combine practice and theory into contemporary outlook that presents joyful moments of common experiences.


Tom gained her B. Design in Textile (Cum Laude) from Shenkar College and her MA in Interdisciplinary Art from Tel-Aviv University, both are located in Israel. 

We create bespoke designs for textiles and one-of-a-kind objects. In addition, we offer varied custom design services:

Original Artwork Design

Custom Fabric Design and production

Our studio specialize in hand and Jacquard weaving as well as digital and screen printing. In addition, we develop unique methods for fabric development and embellishments design for interiors.

CAD services

Colorways, repeats and production development.

We are always curious about your ideas and available for collaborations
Don’t hesitate to contact us at

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