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Meta Ornament is a study of contemporary ornaments and its fundamental role at the development of textile design. Previously known as a crime, a mere embellishment or an object of style, Ornaments are celebrated through this collection as an element of pure form and joy. 


Ornaments hold a meaningful place in our contemporary material culture,  and is a free object in its core. It is free from any obligation to be of function, but rather created to enchant the observer. Adopting ornamental design as a tool within our creative practice serves as a unique vehicle to express free and independent thought while embedding a classic matter in a contemporary, unconventional context.

Our work is an exploration of form and color, reflected by a delightful, joyous experiences. Exploring the contemporary aspects of pattern and decoration as expressed by ornament design, allowed us to create a series of three-dimensional wall rugs that highlights ornament design as its main and most important motif. As unapologetic objects, in this collection’s ornamental work we highlight the place of ornaments as essential part of textile design.

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