Unapologetic playfulness is the essence of our designs. We go through a meticulous R&D process in creating our artworks, inquiring about rhythm, structure and the three-dimensional possibilities hidden in our practice.


Surface design is our way to reimagine form and color through substance. 

we create Unapologetic 

playfulness compositions

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design process

We believe that design is an invitation to a journey. It’s a way to deconstruct, reimagine and discover uncharted territories. Design as a practice conceals tales and stories, along with ancient methods of craft through contemporary practices. It embodies the basic principle of eternity – storytelling. 

the finaL product


what are we made of?

As our work explores the relationship between folktales, material culture and textile design, each of our designs begins with a story that translates into contemporary artworks using form, color, and structure. When developing her work, Tomma always begins with a plain white paper, letting it to lead the way. Paper cuts and glue are usually her get go, as her mind flows better with a messy desk and dirty hands.





 material research

hand made meets the industry

be bold and unique

We tell stories worth telling with a contemporary twist using color, shape and texture

Inspiration is the beginning of everything. A mix of curiosity and an open mind set is what gets us going.

We strive to be the best we can and offer you the best quality of product and services. With that comes to responsibility to our plant. We work on a made to order basis to ensure we take care of our future and not causing any damage with unnecessary waste. 

We believe that practice makes perfect and when you questions something it is always for the best. 
That is way our creative practice is ever evolving and 

Be bold, be present, live your life to the fullest. Focus on the joy and make your dreams come true 

Every one of our designs begins with a brushstroke. the intimate part of creation is an integral part of our work. To make sure this intimacy reaches your home we work with the best and local manufacturers under strict quality control. 


A mix of curiosity and an open mind is the guide to our material and visual research. Through ever evolving exploration of the interaction between form and color we are devoted to create bold, playful and joyous interior experience.

Surface design is our way to reimagine form and color
 through substance 

Design is an invitation to a journey. It’s a way for us to deconstruct, reimagine and discover culture and society. Design as a practice conceals tales and stories, ancient methods of craft and contemporary practices, through those it embodies the basic principle of eternity – storytelling.

Surface design is our way To reimagine form and color through substance